Information stolen? What now?

Identifying and removing the malware is our job, but what do you need to do yourself, to control the aftermath of malware that steals interesting information from an infected computer?

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Get your RAT on Pastebin

A dropper we analyzed downloaded the code for part of its payload from Pastebin on the fly. The payload turned out to be a RAT with keylogging capabilities.

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Beware of GTA 5 Mods Containing Malware

Gamers Beware! Some GTA 5 add-ons have been found that contain malware with keylogger capabilities. Malwarebytes was among the first to detect the malware, which we identify as Trojan.Agent.TRK. If you’ve been affected, take steps to clean your computer immediately.

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Fake Tumblr Extension Harvests Tumblr Logins and More

A fake Tumblr extension promises to bypass the daily posting limit, but will give victims a nasty surprise in the form of a keylogger.

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Fake VPN Site Serves Up Keylogger

A site claiming to offer VPN services could potentially result in keyloggers being placed on the PC.

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