Assessing the security of a portable router: a look inside its hardware, part deux

In part two of our blog assessing the security of a portable router, we will acquire the tools and equipment to make a copy of the firmware on our target router so that we can assess whether there are any vulnerabilities.

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All rise! Mind these digital crimes and arm yourself against them

News of attacks come and go so fast, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. We’ve done the work for you, sifting through scores of reports to bring you a compilation of digital crimes that are on the rise and what you can do to protect yourself.

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New Mac backdoor using antiquated code

The first Mac malware of 2017 was discovered by an IT admin, who spotted some strange outgoing network traffic from a particular Mac. This led to the discovery of a new piece of malware unlike anything I’ve seen before and the first new piece of malware for the Mac in 2017.

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Mobile Menace Monday: How dare that rootin’ Dirty COW

If you follow cybersecurity news, you may have heard of the latest Linux exploit referenced under CVE-2016-5195, which has been dubbed Dirty COW. The name is derived based on the exploitation of the copy-on-write (COW) mechanism in Linux.

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New Website Ransomware Variant Demands $999

Website owners are targeted with ransomware, this one asking for $999.

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UEFI, SecureBoot, and dual booting Windows 8 and Linux

What is UEFI and its predecessor the MBR? What challenges are there to get a dual boot environment with an alternative operating system?

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Internet everywhere and poor security practices: a disaster in the making?

We often hear about botnets (networks of infected computers) being used to send out spam, perform Distributed Denial of Service attacks or other nefarious activities by the bad guys. Well, an unidentified researcher thought there was much more that could be done with a botnet and took on an unprecedented mission to map out the…

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