Australia’s Early Warning Network compromised

An Australian Early Warning System notifying subscribers of severe weather alerts was compromised over the weekend, with messages sent across a variety of formats. What did the hackers get up to? And why did they do it?

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Google logins: JavaScript now required

Google now requires users to enable JavaScript before logging in for extra security measures. But wait, hasn’t JavaScript been used in cyberattacks? We take a look at the impact of Google’s decision.

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Twitter security snafu: change your passwords

A recent error caused passwords to be exposed internally at Twitter. As a precaution, they’re advising all users to change their passwords. Read on to find out what happened, and what you can do about it.

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The Windows Vaults

The Windows Vault stores your login credentials for servers and sites. How easy is it to transfer them to another computer? Very!

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Keeping your Steam Account Secure

Free game offers are the most common lure used by scammers to steal Steam and other gaming platform accounts.

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