Google logins: JavaScript now required

Google now requires users to enable JavaScript before logging in for extra security measures. But wait, hasn’t JavaScript been used in cyberattacks? We take a look at the impact of Google’s decision.

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#Hackedbyseb: musical (password) chairs

Singers will often use inventive ways to gain attention from an audience, or even draw new fans in. One trend in pop circles seems to be gaining popularity, but it might not be the best hype train to hop aboard. What could go wrong by sending your favourite singer login credentials to have them post a cool message from your account? Quite a bit, actually…

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“Good luck with your games!”

I’ve seen some amazing claims of security in place on scam sites down the years, alongside dazzling statements with regards how a “free stuff” or “hack an account” service is designed to work at all costs. This, however, is not one of them…

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