PUP Friday: MacKeeper

We wrote an article in 2014 about some fraudulent behaviors involving MacKeeper. Fast forward to 2016, and unfortunately, the story is much the same.

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PCVARK plays dirty

We very quickly found ourselves in a deep rabbit-hole of Mac crapware when researching a major developer of Mac PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), PCVARK.

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Cross-platform malware Adwind infects Mac

We examine a cross-platform malware with a Mac payload and found the hackers behind it really didn’t put that much effort into making it work on the Mac.

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Mac malware OSX.Keydnap steals keychain

A new piece of malware was a found: OSX.Keydnap. Interestingly, it turns out that this malware could be in some way related to some prominent Windows banking malware.

The new Mac malware known as OSX.Keydnap installs via a new twist on an old theme. The “dropper” comes in the form of a harmless document.

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New Mac backdoor malware: Eleanor

This new malware is only the second piece of true Mac malware spotted so far in 2016, with the first being the KeRanger ransomware.

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