The state of Mac malware

Mac users are often told that there are no Mac viruses. In reality, Mac malware does exist, as we’ll see in this summary of 2018 Mac threats.

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New Mac cryptominer has 23 older variants

The new Mac cryptominer, OSX.CreativeUpdate, turns out to be older than we thought, with 23 variants found dating back to October 2017.

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New Mac cryptominer distributed via a MacUpdate hack

A new Mac cryptocurrency miner, called OSX.CreativeUpdate, was being distributed from the MacUpdate website, in the guise of known apps such as Firefox.

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Interesting disguise employed by new Mac malware HiddenLotus

A new piece of Mac malware called HiddenLotus is using a clever new trick to fool users into opening it.

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Keychain vulnerability in macOS

On Monday, Patrick Wardle, a respected security researcher at Synack and owner of Objective-See, sent a tweet about a keychain vulnerability he had found in macOS High Sierra. As his tweet showed, it is possible for a malicious app to extract, and then exfiltrate, keychain data from High Sierra, with passwords clearly exposed in plain text.

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