New Mac cryptominer uses XMRig

New Mac cryptominer malware is using the XMRig library to mine Monero on infected Macs.

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New Crossrider variant installs configuration profiles on Macs

A new variant of the Crossrider adware has been spotted that is infecting Macs in a unique way, using a configuration profile to keep its effects resident in the system.

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CyberByte steals Malwarebytes’ intellectual property

CyberByte has stolen Malwarebytes’ intellectual property, and has been using our data without permission in their CyberByte Antivirus software.

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The state of Mac malware

Mac users are often told that there are no Mac viruses. In reality, Mac malware does exist, as we’ll see in this summary of 2018 Mac threats.

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New Mac cryptominer has 23 older variants

The new Mac cryptominer, OSX.CreativeUpdate, turns out to be older than we thought, with 23 variants found dating back to October 2017.

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