Exploit kits: fall 2018 review

With a fresh exploit kit in town, the drive-by download landscape shows new signs of life in fall 2018.

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Fileless malware: getting the lowdown on this insidious threat

In this series of articles, we provide an in-depth discussion of fileless malware and their related attacks. In part one, we cover a brief overview of the problems with and general features of fileless malware, laying the groundwork for technical analysis of various samples employing fileless and semi-fileless methods.

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Magniber ransomware: exclusively for South Koreans

A few days ago, Magnitude EK resurfaced, this time with a new payload that targets only the country of South Korea. It’s called Magniber ransomware.

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Cerber ransomware delivered in format of a different order of Magnitude

We review a trick that the Magnitude exploit kit uses to bypass security scanners.

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Malvertising on The Pirate Bay drops ransomware

Magnitude EK strikes again, this time on The Pirate Bay, and drops the Cerber Ransomware.

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Magnitude EK activity at its highest via AdsTerra malvertising

The Magnitude exploit kit is maximizing its leads via a large and uninterrupted malvertising campaign.

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