Malvertising on Equifax, TransUnion tied to third party script (updated)

We take a look at the the recent malvertising incident that happened on Equifax’s site and show how it also affected TransUnion.

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Tech support scammers abuse native ad and content provider Taboola to serve malvertising (updated)

See how scammers redirected visitors from MSN to their tech support scam page in this latest malvertising campaign.

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Drive-by mining and ads: The Wild Wild West

Cryptomining in the browser is all the rage lately. But what are the impacts for users when it is being abused by dubious publishers?

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A week in security (September 4 – September 10)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 4th – 10th September. We touched on threat surveys, Android patching, the Equifax breach and more!

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Expired domain names and malvertising

A look at how expired domain names can be turned into a lucrative malicious traffic redirection tool.

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