PokemonGo Ransomware comes with some clever tricks

We have all seen the current popularity and craze with PokemonGo, it’s no surprise cyber-criminals would plan on using this to their advantage and imitate the game with malicious substitutions.

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Venus Locker another .NET ransomware

The current cyberthreat landscape is an ever dynamic threat, we have state-sponsored cyberthreats and very sophisticated cybercriminals to defend against. These threats come with their own motivations and objectives. We have all come to know ransomware, which, according to our study published earlier this month, has become one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in the…

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The reality of Ransomware: an in-depth study

We recently sponsored a deep-dive study conducted by Osterman Research on the subject of Ransomware, and the results are a stark insight into one of the biggest problems facing both enterprise and home networks at the moment. Some key UK-centric findings: 40% of businesses worldwide attacked, but Senior UK IT staff suffered the highest number of…

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Cross-platform malware Adwind infects Mac

We examine a cross-platform malware with a Mac payload and found the hackers behind it really didn’t put that much effort into making it work on the Mac.

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Mac malware OSX.Keydnap steals keychain

A new piece of malware was a found: OSX.Keydnap. Interestingly, it turns out that this malware could be in some way related to some prominent Windows banking malware.

The new Mac malware known as OSX.Keydnap installs via a new twist on an old theme. The “dropper” comes in the form of a harmless document.

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