A week in security (March 19 – March 25)

A roundup of notable security news from March 19 to 25, including data theft, ransomware, phone addiction, and more.

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A week in security (March 12 – March 18)

A roundup of notable security news from March 12 to 18, including data theft, mobile malware, compromised clients, and more.

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Hancitor: fileless attack with a DLL copy trick

Evading detection when distributing payloads is a key part of an effective malware campaign. Hancitor shows that it has yet another trick up its sleeve for that.

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Encryption 101: ShiOne ransomware case study

In this case study on ShiOne ransomware, part of our Encryption 101 series, we will be reviewing the encryption process line by line and showing the different methods ransomware can use to encrypt files.

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The state of malicious cryptomining

From malware coin miners to drive-by mining, we review the state of malicious cryptomining in the past few months by looking at the most notable incidents and our own telemetry stats.

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