Explained: Packer, Crypter, and Protector

In this article we will try to explain the terms packer, crypter, and protector in the context of how they are used in malware.

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Diamond Fox – part 1: introduction and unpacking

In this short series of posts, we will take a deep dive in a sample of Diamond Fox delivered by the Nebula Exploit Kit (described here). We will also make a brief comparison with the old, leaked version, in order to show the evolution of this product.

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Explained: Spora ransomware

Spora ransomware has joined the family of ransomware created by professionals. Take a closer look at Spora.

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Exploit kits: Winter 2017 review

We take a look at the current exploit kit scene (Winter 2017) according to our telemetry and honeypots.

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Mac security facts and fallacies

There are many Mac security myths circulating among users. So how can you tell if the advice you’re reading is fact or fallacy? Read on to find out!

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