Malwarebytes CrackMe 2: contest summary

About three weeks ago, we published our second CrackMe, which has triggered a lot of interest, and many high-quality write-up submissions. In this post, we summarize the contest and comment on the submissions. Whose write-up won? Read on to find out.

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Malwarebytes CrackMe 2: try another challenge

Last November, we launched the first Malwarebytes CrackMe. Encouraged by an overwhelmingly positive response, we decided to repeat the game—this time making it even harder and more fun.

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How to solve the Malwarebytes CrackMe: a step-by-step tutorial

One of our analysts created a Malwarebytes CrackMe—an exercise in malware analysis—that was released to the community on Twitter and triggered a positive response.

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