How does macOS protect against malware?

Mac users often are told that “Macs don’t get viruses.” This is not really true, of course. Macs can and do get infected. However, it is true that macOS provides some basic protection against malware. This protection can be quite effective in some ways, but, unfortunately, quite ineffective in others. Let’s take a look at…

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Mac App Store apps are stealing user data

There are several apps in the Mac App Store that are collecting data about users that they should not be collecting. Here’s what you need to know.

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Mac malware targets cryptomining users

A new Mac malware called OSX.Dummy is being distributed on cryptomining chat groups that, even after being removed, leaves behind remnants for future malware to find.

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CyberByte steals Malwarebytes’ intellectual property

CyberByte has stolen Malwarebytes’ intellectual property, and has been using our data without permission in their CyberByte Antivirus software.

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A week in security (August 21 – August 27)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 21st of August to the 27th of August. Big news from Malwarebytes was the introduction real-time protection for Mac and Android.

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Solution Corner: Malwarebytes for Mac

Mac users have been told for years: Macs don’t get viruses. That’s not true! Stay protected with Malwarebytes for Mac.

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Mac security facts and fallacies

There are many Mac security myths circulating among users. So how can you tell if the advice you’re reading is fact or fallacy? Read on to find out!

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