Systweak Redux: our response

On July 29, we published a blog titled “PUP Friday: Cleaning up with 5 star awards”, taking a look at a registry cleaner called RegCleanPro made by Systweak. We detect the file in question as a PUP, and covered it as part of our regular PUP Friday series. The makers of Systweak software posted both to our blog comments (with no response to my reply, at time of writing) and also posted a blog on their website titled “How Malwarebytes Got It All Wrong with RegClean Pro”.

Below is a reply to both the comments made to our blog and their own post. The comments from their blog are numbered and in bold, green text, with our responses to each point underneath.

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The reality of ransomware: an in-depth study

We recently sponsored a deep-dive study conducted by Osterman Research on the subject of Ransomware, and the results are a stark insight into one of the biggest problems facing both enterprise and home networks at the moment. Some key UK-centric findings: 40% of businesses worldwide attacked, but Senior UK IT staff suffered the highest number of…

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Window Range Manager

A recently discovered adware called Window Range Manager aka Winrange uses Chrome components like SwiftShader and Widevine CDM to display 3D advertisements and deploys an Adobe Flash library, but fails to run on most systems.

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zCrypt ransomware: under the hood

Ransomware has become the new norm for cybercriminals. Every week there are fresh ransomware threats with new functionalities and improvements. zCrypt ransomware has recently showed an interesting method of spreading not usually used by ransomware.

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New Mac OS X remediation offering and forensics capabilities for enterprise

At Malwarebytes, our mission is to protect consumers and businesses from the most dangerous cyber threats. Today, we announced a new solution that will dramatically change endpoint detection and response (EDR) for Mac users – a growing target area for hackers. The fact that Mac users are safe from cyber threats is a common misconception.

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