MSPs, know what you’re really looking for in an RMM platform

When ransomware targeting MSPs began making headlines, things started to change. This also made MSPs assess their current RMM platform and, should they decide to switch, change the criteria of what to look out for when finding “the right” vendor. We have 5 considerations for you.

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Securing the MSP: why they’re their own worst enemy

Behind each cyberattack on the MSP is typically a system left unpatched, asset management undone, security officer not hired, or board who sees investment in security as a cost center rather than a long-term investment.

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5 tips for building an effective security operations center (SOC)

A security operations center (SOC) can significantly improve an organization’s security posture, but it’s not a perfect solution and can be challenging to implement. Read on to learn how to clear hurdles and build an effective SOC team.

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