Post-holiday spam campaign delivers Neutrino Bot

Spammers took a break over the holidays but are back in form with a campaign pushing the Neutrino Bot.

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Tech support scammers abuse bug in HTML5 to freeze computers

A flaw found in an HTML5 API is being used by tech support scammers to push fraudulent pages and freeze people’s computers with a fake virus warning.

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Report: the anatomy of tech support scams

Each year, several million people fall for tech support scams and according to Microsoft, in 2015 alone crooks walked away with an estimated $1.5 billion. Malwarebytes has been actively engaged in the fight against tech support scammers overseas, but also here at home in the US.

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What’s Patch Tuesday?

While the monthly Patch Tuesday has served as a reliable security fix for years, cyber criminals are finding ways to penetrate the system, exploiting vulnerabilities in a matter of days, if not hours.

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The Multi-language Tech Support Scam is Here

Tech support scammers are going after Europeans, Japanese using the local language.

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