Fake browser update seeks to compromise more MikroTik routers

Threat actors are social engineering users with a fake update that, once installed, will scan the Internet in an attempt to exploit vulnerable MikroTik routers.

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Deepfakes FakeApp tool (briefly) includes cryptominer

We take a look at what happens when one of the most popular DIY Deepfakes programs decides to monetise with a spot of coin mining. Surprise: it doesn’t end well.

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There’s a hole in my bucket: Bitcoin scams aim to exploit volatile market

The world of Bitcoin is ablaze with profit, speculation, and potential riches for all. Unfortunately, scammers are in on the action and will stop at nothing to relieve the unwary of their digital fortunes. What are the threats, and what can you do to stay safe?

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Explained: blockchain technology

Continuing education about cryptocurrency, we provide some insight into the technology behind blockchain and explain what makes it secure.

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