Deepfakes or not: new GAN image stirs up questions about digital fakery

We look at the latest splash of synthetic human deepfakes shenanigans working their way into mainstream news in order to cause disruption.

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Lock and Code S1Ep4: coronavirus and responding to computer viruses with Akshay Bhargava

We cover the week’s security headlines plus talk with Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava about the similarities in responding to computer viruses vs. real-life pandemics in episode 4 of Lock and Code.

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A week in security (August 19 – 25)

A roundup of the latest cybersecurity news for the week of August 19–25, including Magecart attacks on poker software, a new Bluetooth vulnerability, continuing ransomware attacks on US cities, Bitcoin sextortion, and a look back at one researcher’s DEF CON experience.

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