Keeping your business and personal instant messages secure

Most people want to know their instant messages are securely wrapped up—whether that’s for personal privacy or protecting business communications. There are a lot of solutions out there for better securing IMs.

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Bogus hack apps hack users back for cryptocash

Recently, we discovered a gold mine of fake hack apps that mine for Monero cryptocurrency and serve up annoying adware.

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Lo lo lo Loapi Trojan could break your Android

Loapi Trojan discovered on Android devices—a downloader, dropper, adware app, and SMS Trojan all in one—could literally blow up your phone. Read on to learn how to protect against it.

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Mobile Menace Monday: upping the ante on Adups

Adups, the same China-based company caught collecting an abundance of user data and creating a backdoor on mobile devices in 2016, has another trick up its sleeve.

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New Android Trojan malware discovered in Google Play

New Android Trojan malware has been found in Google Play masquerading as multiple apps. We call this malware Android/Trojan.AsiaHitGroup.

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