Mobile Menace Monday: beware of monitoring apps

We mobile researchers sometimes classify apps in order to warn users of its presence because of its potential harm, but leave it up to the users’ discretion to remove. This is the case when it comes to a subcategory of PUPs called monitors. Monitoring apps are those that can be great tools if you lose your phone, but could also be easily used to spy on an unsuspecting target.

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Mobile Menace Monday: Pokemon NO NO

A new mobile Trojan has been found using the popular game Pokémon Go as bait. Rest assured that this won’t be the last mobile malware exploiting Pokémon Go.

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Malware uses Google Talk to make malicious phone calls

We found a new piece of mobile malware using Google Talk to make your phone make unwarranted and malicious outgoing calls.

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Android Trojan FakeApp masquerading as legitimate

A variant of Android/Trojan.FakeApp is stealing the identities of popular applications (apps) such as TrueCaller and Torque Pro. As soon as the FakeApp is installed a shortcut with an icon stolen from one of these popular apps is created, and a notification pops up. The notification also appears whenever the shortcut icon is clicked.

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Trojan clicker’s gaze cast upon Google Play store

We’ve discovered a Trojan clicker on the Google Play store doing far more than advertised. The app name in Turkish is “Mayis Guzel Aydir”, which roughly translates to “May is a Beautiful Month”. Clicker App / When you open the app, the full-screen eyeball gives off a definite 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe.

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