CYBER.POLICE Android Ransomware still on patrol…

We’ve observed a new wave of Cyber.Police Android Ransomware being distributed via rogue adverts. Don’t fall for it!

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Malvertisements on “Fappening” forum lead to Android Ransomware

A compromised nude leak forum, dubious adverts, Malvertising, Ransomware and more besides – this one has it all.

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“Your Android is Expired!”

We take a look at a dubious advert redirect currently in circulation.

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Snapdragon Tightens Mobile Security

It’s a known fact people don’t secure their devices adequately and the theft of the data on just a single device can have long-term consequences for individuals, families and companies. That’s why earlier this year, Qualcomm pledged to enhance security and privacy via Snapdragon Smart Protect and recently delivered on that pledge with Snapdragon’s new 820 processor.

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Steam’s “Exploration Sale” Gamifies Security Settings

The latest Steam Sale brings with it some additional security requirements to make full use of certain community features.

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