A week in security (September 25 – October 01)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 25th of September to the 1st of October. We touched on that new macOS High Sierra keychain vulnerability, the Deloitte breach, BlueBorne, crypto mining, and others.

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Report: Second quarter dominated by ransomware outbreaks

The second quarter of 2017 left the security world wondering, “What the hell happened?” With leaks of government-created exploits being deployed against users in the wild, a continued sea of ransomware constantly threatening our ability to work online, and the lines between malware and potentially unwanted programs continuing to blur, every new incident was a wakeup call.In this report, we are going to discuss some of the most important trends, tactics, and attacks of Q2 2017, including an update on ransomware, what is going on with all these exploits, and a special look at all the breaches that happened this quarter.

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Complex Method of Obfuscation Found in Dropper RealShell

The fight against malware is never-ending for a threat researcher, and in the mobile malware arena the fight is becoming more complex at an accelerated rate as the malware authors continue to create new ways of obfuscation.

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Account Stealing Wallpaper App Found in Google Play Store

Account Stealing Wallpaper App Found in Google Play Store.

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Monitor App on Google Play Sends GPS Location

A monitor app available on the Google Play store sends location coordinates through text message.

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Trojan SMS Found on Google Play

A SMS Trojan app claiming to be a download for wallpapers, videos, and music is live in the Google Play store.

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Facebook Messenger has abundance of permissions

This isn’t the first time questions have risen about Facebook’s long list of permissions. The question is whether this and similar apps really need all these permissions.

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