A week in security (November 6 – November 12)

Learn what happened in the world of security during the week of November 6 through 12. Bitcoin multiplier scams, exploit kits, cryptocurrency mining, and a bogus WhatsApp app.

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New Neutrino Bot comes in a protective loader

We take another look at the Neutrino bot, known for its diverse feature set ranging from snooping on victims to performing DDos attacks. This latest version includes a hardened protective layer aimed at defeating sandboxes and hiding the bot from discovery.

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A week in security (Jan 08 – Jan 14)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 8th of January to the 14th. This week, we look back at sponsored tweets that phish, fake Word documents that download and execute a bot, ad fraud, and, yes, selfies.

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Post-holiday spam campaign delivers Neutrino Bot

Spammers took a break over the holidays but are back in form with a campaign pushing the Neutrino Bot.

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