New Flash Player zero-day used against Russian facility

An APT group is using a new Flash Player zero-day that was used a lure targeting a Russian-based clinic

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New macro-less technique to distribute malware

The latest macro-less technique to distribute malware via Office documents does not involve exploits. Just a little bit of social engineering.

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Blocks for Flash and others coming to Office 365

If you make use of Flash or Silverlight in your day-to-day activities, you may need to have a word with IT. For everyone else, your Office 365 experience is about to become a lot more secure.

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Old MS Office feature weaponized in malspam attacks

An old Microsoft Office feature has been brought back to the forefront as way to distribute malware without relying on macros or exploits.

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Fake IRS notice delivers customized spying tool

Threat actors leverage a Microsoft Office exploit to spy on their victims. In this blog post, we will review its delivery mechanism and analyze the malware we observed, a modified version of a commercial Remote Administration Tool (RAT).

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