An overview of malvertising on the Mac

Mac users may face less malware attacks than their Windows counterparts, but it doesn’t mean they are safe from online crooks. In this post we review the top malvertising attacks that target the OS X platform and how to stay safe.

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Do I really need anti-malware for my Mac?

One tall tale is Macs are impervious to malware, so you needn’t worry about cybersecurity solutions. Antivirus and anti-malware protection is for the PCs. We’re here to bust that myth.

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First Mac ransomware spotted

The first Mac ransomware, called KeRanger, was found infecting the Transmission BitTorrent client and will begin encrypting hard drives today!

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Beware scams in the wake of the App Store slip-up

A cryptographic certificate at Apple, used to verify the legitimacy of these apps, expired and said the apps were damaged. How long until bad guys start spoofing a similar message?

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Has MacUpdate fallen to the adware plague?

MacUpdate, long considered to be one of the only remaining trustworthy download aggregation sites for the Mac, has succumbed to what has ruined most of the others: adware distribution.

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