The lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity: minimum effort for maximum protection

How can we help our less tech-savvy friends stay more secure online? By giving them a lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity, we can offer maximum protection for minimal effort.

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Has two-factor authentication been defeated? A spotlight on 2FA’s latest challenge

While many tech-savvy folks are familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA), more are unaware that there are several ways around it. A tool called Modlishka, the English pronunciation for the Polish word for “mantis,” is the latest in this list.

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A week in security (October 1 – 7)

A roundup of the security news from October 1–7 including National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, LoJack, fileless malware, and BYOS.

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Internet of Things (IoT) security: what is and what should never be

Internet of Things technology may soon multiply in the billions. But security for these devices is practically non-existent. What needs to be done to secure IoT users now and in the future?

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National cybersecurity awareness month: simple steps for online safety

National cybersecurity awareness month was created to ensure that every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. And now Malwarebytes is doing its part.

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Why you don’t need 27 different passwords

People have to remember an average of 27 different passwords today—and they need to be long, not obvious, have special characters, and you can’t write them down. We’re here to tell you: stop doing that. Here’s how you can protect your data and your sanity without having to remember all those passwords.

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