Amazon third party sellers: A new threat

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported a wave of hijacked Amazon seller accounts that proceeded to fleece buyers for large sums of money. As reported here, attackers would use credentials harvested from other breaches to take over the account, then either simply redirect funds to their own deposit account or create lots of fake…

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Avoid: “I just hacked my friend’s account” Twitter spam

We explain why you shouldn’t bother with sites which claim to let you hack social media accounts…

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An iCloud scam that may be worse than ransomware

We’ve encountered a ransomware on the Mac that’s far worse than anything seen for Windows. This hack seems to have turned an iMac into an expensive paperweight.

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“Turn off your Two Factor Authentication…”

You shouldn’t turn off your two factor authentication if you can help it. Stuck with SMS codes? There are alternatives…

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Elusive HanJuan EK Drops New Tinba Version (updated)

The stealthy HanJuan Exploit Kit was caught dropping a newer version of the Tinba banking Trojan.

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