Hackers threaten to wipe Apple devices

According to a report from Motherboard, a group of hackers calling themselves “Turkish Crime Family” is threatening to remotely erase devices belonging to hundreds of millions of Apple customers. They will do this on April 7, they say, if Apple doesn’t pay them a ransom.

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SMS phishing for the masses

This post looks at a recent SMS phishing scam for the RBC bank and a tool the attackers may have used to bulk send fraudulent SMS messages.

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How not to phish a security researcher on Twitter

What happens when a phisher decides to try and directly phish a security researcher on Twitter? This.

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Coachella-gate: fire in the disco

If you’re registered on the Coachella website, you may have been swept up in a data breach hawking user details for sale on the Dark Web…

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Australians beware: myGov phishing on the prowl

We look at a myGov phish which has been doing the rounds recently. There’s even some peculiar antics going on late into the phish – shall we take a look?

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