5 safe ways to get back at spammers: a guide to wasting time

We take a look at some of the safe ways to waste a spammer’s time, whether by email or telephone.

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Keeping your business and personal instant messages secure

Most people want to know their instant messages are securely wrapped up—whether that’s for personal privacy or protecting business communications. There are a lot of solutions out there for better securing IMs.

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Watch out for Costly Mobile Ads

Phone owners are furious about charges made to their mobile bills, via potentially unwanted advert redirects. How is this happening?

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Mobile Device Security Tips and Tricks

Some hints and tips for keeping your mobile device – and its data – secure.

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“Virtual Kidnapping” Warning Doing the Rounds on Social Media

Scammers asks users to shutdown their cell phone for “maintenance” on their 3G network. The users instead unwittingly takes part in their own “Virtual Kidnappings”

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Mobile Top-Up Credit Sharing Scams in Circulation

Some mobile networks will let you share your phone’s credit with others – which means juicy targets aplenty for the scammers.

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SMS Activated Flash Downloads: A Digital Leap of Faith

Always download a program directly from the creator whenever possible. Otherwise, you may end up paying costly SMS activation fees to “activate” it.

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