DDoS attacks are growing: What can businesses do?

How do DDoS attacks work? And how do we protect our organizations from the growing size and number of attacks?

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A cure for the common cold call: freeze them out

Cold calls are a modern day nuisance becoming ever-more persistent. In this article, we show you how to limit the number of cold calls you receive and prevent potential damage they may inflict.

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Bank robbers 2.0: digital thievery and stolen cryptocoins

A new generation of thieves, bank robbers 2.0, seek to steal huge amounts of money as anonymously as they can. So they’ve developed a multitude of ways to pilfer cryptocurrency.

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Stolen security logos used to falsely endorse PUPs

To gain the trust of users, the makers of PUPs put the logos of reputable security and tech firms on their websites to imply their product is endorsed by the companies. They are not.

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New Chrome and Firefox extensions block their removal to hijack browsers

Two new extensions in Firefox and Chrome force install then hide from the user. Learn how you can protect yourself against them and remove them manually.

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