Analyzing malware by API calls

As an alternative to reverse engineering malware that is protectively packed, we look at the option of analyzing malware by API calls to determine what a file might be up to.

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Using ILSpy to analyze a small adware file

ILSpy is an open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler. We demonstrate its use looking at a simple adware file.

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Netflix scam warning

Due to recent Netflix related phishing emails in the UK, we feel it’s important to keep an eye out for this scam and others like it.

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Explained: YARA rules

YARA is a tool that can be used to identify files that meet certain conditions. It is mainly in use by security researchers to classify malware.

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Explained: False positives

False positives are alarms for non-specific files or behavior that is flagged as malicious, while in fact there were no bad intentions present.

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