Facebook worries: I didn’t post that

What could have happened when you find Facebook posts or messages that you didn’t post or send? And what are the actions you can take to prevent further abuse?

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Malware vaccination tricks: blue pills or red pills

Malware vaccination tricks are offered for various sorts and families of malware, but can and should we use them? What are the pros and cons? Read all about it.

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Explained: digital forensics

Digital forensics is different from cyber-security as it deals with the problem when it’s too late for precautions. It’s the science of figuring out what happened just before and after a breach.

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Explained: user agent

This post explains the pros and cons of using user agents when browsing the world wide web. What does it reveal and why?

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Explained: security certificates

Do you want to know how security certificates work and let us show you how malware can abuse the certificates system to block you from downloading and/or running your favorite software.

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