Reputation management in the age of cyberattacks against businesses

A business’s reputation takes years to build. With the current climate of data breaches, destroying it can take only seconds. What can businesses do to protect their brands from fallout following a cybersecurity incident? We answer these questions and more.

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2018: The year of the data breach tsunami

To get a sense of the grim state of data security today, take a look at this infographic from TruthFinder that explains why 2018 was the year of the data breach tsunami.

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What DNA testing kit companies are really doing with your data

Consumer DNA testing kits were a top holiday present last season, and are expected to be big sellers again. But should you think twice before hitting the buy button? What’s really happening with all your genetic data? We take a deep dive into all the areas of concern—plus what the testing companies are getting right—when it comes to the security of your DNA and the privacy of your sensitive personal information.

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Explained: What is big data?

In our explained series, we talk about the impact of big data on our society. What is it, who uses it, and for what purposes?

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