Elaborate scripting-fu used in espionage attack against Saudi Arabia Government entity

In this post, we take apart a clever set of scripts used in a targeted attack against the government of Saudi Arabia.

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Learning PowerShell: basic programs

In this last part of the short series about the basics of PowerShell we assemble a small script from scratch and explain how it works.

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Learning PowerShell: some basic commands

We are going to construct some basic PowerShell commands and explain how they work just to show you how useful PowerShell can be. For good and for bad.

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A week in security (July 10 – July 16)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 10th of July to the 16th. We go over our PowerShell, an overview of the Petya ransomware family, and more.

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Learning PowerShell: The basics

Get acquainted with some of the basic principles of Powershell and get prepared for some basic usage of this versatile tool that is available on all modern Windows systems.

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