Advanced tools: Process Hacker

A quick introduction to Process Hacker which is a powerful tool that can be used for troubleshooting, debugging, and reverse engineering.

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Adware the series, the final: Tools section

The final episode of our adware series talks specifically about the tools that we use in identifying adware and the places where it lurks on a system.

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Adware the series, part 5

Part 5 of this adware series shows the reader how the can use Process Explorer to have a close look at other files that are interacting with a suspicious process.

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Adware the series, part 3

Part 3 in this series deals with removing programs and files responsible for the unsolicited advertisements.

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Process Explorer: part two

For Windows operating systems (OS), especially those up to and including Windows 7, Process Explorer is an excellent replacement for Task Manager. After publishing part 1: an introduction I received some questions, requests and comments that I will try to cover here.

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Process Explorer: an introduction

We give you a short introduction to Process Explorer and showed you a few ways to use it when you are trying to identify a possible malware problem with your Windows system.

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