System optimizers turning to tech support scams

PUPs and more specifically system optimizers have been found turning to tech support scams to increase the amount of money they can take from their unsuspecting customers.

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Adware the series, part 1

In this series, we will be using the below flowchart to follow the process of determining which adware we are dealing with. The idea is to give you an idea of how many different types of adware are around for Windows systems.

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Report: Cybercrime climate shifts dramatically in first quarter

The first quarter of 2017 brought with it some significant changes to the threat landscape and we aren’t talking about heavy ransomware distribution either. Threats which were previously believed to be serious contenders this year have nearly vanished entirely, while new threats and infection techniques have forced the security community to reconsider collection and analysis efforts.

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Chinese PUPs and backdoor drivers: making systems less secure since 2013

In this blog, we expose a family of backdoor drivers that have been included in various PUPs of Chinese origin for several years.

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Spigot browser hijackers

Spigot browser hijackers of this family are easy to recognize and in our opinion hardly worth installing because they add no more functionality then a few bookmarks. We hope this post helps you to avoid them in the future.

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