Chinese PUPs and backdoor drivers: making systems less secure since 2013

In this blog, we expose a family of backdoor drivers that have been included in various PUPs of Chinese origin for several years.

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Spigot browser hijackers

Spigot browser hijackers of this family are easy to recognize and in our opinion hardly worth installing because they add no more functionality then a few bookmarks. We hope this post helps you to avoid them in the future.

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Why Malwarebytes detects PC Pitstop as Potentially Unwanted

PC Pitstop makes several products including PC Matic, PC Magnum, Optimize, Driver Alert, and Disk MD. As of a few weeks ago, we detect these products as PUP.Optional, here is why.

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A closer look at a tech support screen locker

As a demonstration of how Tech Support Scammers operate and try to lure victims into calling their number, we show you some snippets of the code, explaining what they’re up to.

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An overview of malvertising on the Mac

Mac users may face less malware attacks than their Windows counterparts, but it doesn’t mean they are safe from online crooks. In this post we review the top malvertising attacks that target the OS X platform and how to stay safe.

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