A week in security (April 30 – May 6)

A roundup of security news from April 30 – May 6, including Necurs malspam, Spartacus ransomware, Twitter passwords, and cybersecurity studies.

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SamSam ransomware: what you need to know

We take a look at SamSam ransomware, the malware that messed with Atlanta, and tell you how it works and what you can do to combat it.

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Spartacus ransomware: introduction to a strain of unsophisticated malware

Spartacus ransomware is a fairly new variant seen in 2018. We’ll walk you through the malware sample to analyze the code in detail, and help you learn how to get an obfuscated .NET sample into a readable state.

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Perspectives on Russian hacking

Malware research analyst Chris Boyd recently had an in-depth chat with SCMagazine about Russian hacking, malware, and social engineering. Here, he summarizes some of the key findings from his discussion and the other researchers interviewed.

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Magnitude exploit kit switches to GandCrab ransomware

After being faithful to its own Magniber ransomware for several months, Magnitude EK joins others to adopt GandCrab.

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