A week in security (August 14 – August 20)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 14th of August to the 20th of August. We looked at back to school cybersecurity tips, Kronos malware, and the return of Locky ransomware.

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Inside the Kronos malware – part 1

The first part of this research looks at the tricks used by the Kronos banking malware.

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Locky ransomware returns to the game with two new flavors

We recently observed a fresh malicious spam campaign pushed through the Necurs botnet distributing so far, two new variants of Locky ransomware.

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Week in Security (August 7 – August 13)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from Monday the 7th of August to August 14th. We looked at security certificates and the new bloated Cerber ransomware.

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Cerber ransomware delivered in format of a different order of Magnitude

We review a trick that the Magnitude exploit kit uses to bypass security scanners.

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