Scarab ransomware: new variant changes tactics

We’ve found that a variant of the Scarab ransomware, called Scarabey, is distributed via a different technique, with a different payload code, and a new target: Russia.

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GandCrab ransomware distributed by RIG and GrandSoft exploit kits (updated)

Ransomware may have slowed its growth but is still a go-to payload for threat actors looking to monetize drive-by download attacks. The latest attempt: GandCrab ransomware.

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Presenting: Malwarebytes Labs 2017 State of Malware Report

In our 2017 State of Malware report, we examined attack methods, malware developments, and distribution techniques used by cybercriminals over the last 12 months.

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A week in security (December 04 – December 10)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from December 04 to December 10, including Botnets, hacked toys, ransom demands and jailbreaks gone horribly wrong.

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Napoleon: a new version of Blind ransomware

The ransomware previously known as Blind has been spotted recently with a .napoleon extension and a bug fix that means files can no longer be decrypted by victims. In this post, we’ll analyze the sample for its structure, behavior, and distribution method.

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