Get your RAT on Pastebin

A dropper we analyzed downloaded the code for part of its payload from Pastebin on the fly. The payload turned out to be a RAT with keylogging capabilities.

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Cross-platform malware Adwind infects Mac

We examine a cross-platform malware with a Mac payload and found the hackers behind it really didn’t put that much effort into making it work on the Mac.

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Latest Steam Malware Shows Signs of RAT Activity

We have been featuring Steam malware distributed via chat for quite a while now. Yet, we continue to see users fall for the same tactic. Here’s a tip: Trust, but verify.

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Taking off the Blackshades

Are we finally free from the threat of RATs or is it only a matter of time before another tool occupies Blackshades’ throne?

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A Week in Security (May 18 – 24)

A weekly roundup of the top security news for May 18 – 24.

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