RIG malvertising campaign uses cryptocurrency theme as decoy

This malvertising campaign uses a popular cryptocurrency theme to redirect users to the RIG exploit kit.

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Seamless campaign serves RIG EK via Punycode (updated)

The most prolific gate to the RIG exploit kit is coming in a different flavor. The Seamless campaign is now using a domain name with foreign characters translated by Punycode.

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Canada and the U.K. hit by Ramnit Trojan in new malvertising campaign

This new malvertising campaign on adult websites was pushing the Ramnit information stealer.

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RIG exploit kit takes on large malvertising campaign

In the battle of exploit kits, RIG EK has earned some extra mileage by being leveraged in a high profile malvertising attack on popular website answers.com. The same domain shadowing campaigns that were popular in the Angler era are continuing with RIG now.

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