More phishy sponsored tweets

Watch out: sponsored Tweets leading to phishing pages are doing the rounds once more. We take a look at the latest phishing scam being pushed to unsuspecting Twitter users, and show how the scammers are after a double-whammy of login credentials and credit card information.

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Scam as a service 2: the B team

Interest in Tor based threats is increasing to the extent that some vendors will scoop up all activity they find on Tor and provide you a nice front end to search through it at your leisure. This might lead the casual observer to assume that the darkness is a one stop shop for cyber threats, but criminals existed on the internet prior to Tor, and still do quite well for themselves without it. In fact, bad guys with good OPSEC tend to be the exception, rather than the rule. So let’s take a quick look at some unpleasant stuff and the nadir of bad OPSEC, Facebook.

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Fake Forbes story becomes bearer of “smart drug” news

Scams of this nature doesn’t only arrive via email. They may also be shared via social networking platforms, chat sessions, public comments on forums and blog posts, and (if legitimate websites aren’t careful) sometimes they’re inadvertently shared via ads on sites, especially if user browsing is done via mobile devices.

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Fake WhatsApp email comes as a billing alert

Recently, we have received a report from one of our readers on Facebook regarding another criminal-driven campaign targeting WhatsApp users. It comes in the form of a phishing email, which our reader has forwarded for us to look into.

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An overview of malvertising on the Mac

Mac users may face less malware attacks than their Windows counterparts, but it doesn’t mean they are safe from online crooks. In this post we review the top malvertising attacks that target the OS X platform and how to stay safe.

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