Of scammers and cute puppies

We take a look at a cute puppy scam, in which criminals seek money for adorable dogs that don’t exist.

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Magnitude EK actor goes for Bitcoin multiplier scam (updated)

A Bitcoin multiplier scam in disguise is the latest trick pulled by the Magnitude exploit kit operator.

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A week in security (October 23 – October 29)

A week in security features a roundup of news stories from the week of October 23 – October 29.

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419 scammer offers USD $60 million—and a free child

419 scammers offering up untold riches are nothing new. But untold riches and an adopted child for good measure? How could we not explore this one further?

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Phishes, pseudophishes, and bad email

Everyone knows about phishing. But what about pseudophishing? When companies use poor design, no attribution, and broad requests for personal info, their legit emails look like a phish.

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