SMS phishing for the masses

This post looks at a recent SMS phishing scam for the RBC bank and a tool the attackers may have used to bulk send fraudulent SMS messages.

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Avoid: BofA, Wells Fargo SMS phishing

It always pays to train a wary eye on your text messages, as conniving phishers don’t always stick to the tried and tested route of email scams. We take a look at a pair of SMS phishes sent directly to a mobile device – if you bank with Wells Fargo or Bank of America, these are two to watch out for.

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Instagram Follower Booster Leads to SMS Browser Extension PUP

If you try to boost your Instagram follower count, you might just end up increasing the amount of programs installed on your PC instead…

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New SMiShing Campaign Targets T-Mobile Subscribers

Criminals after online credentials have homed in on T-Mobile users, luring them with a $20 discount in exchange for bits of information.

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Watch out for Costly Mobile Ads

Phone owners are furious about charges made to their mobile bills, via potentially unwanted advert redirects. How is this happening?

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