Say hello to Baldr, a new stealer on the market

Baldr is a new stealer that is being actively developed and distributed. Will it be able to compete in this crowded arena?

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Fortnite gamers targeted by data theft malware

If you’ve ever been tempted to cheat at Fortnite, think again—with the release of season six of the popular video game, we found a data theft malware masquerading as a cheat tool, ready to steal your browser sessions, cookies, and even your Bitcoin.

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Shakti Trojan: Technical Analysis

Recently, we took a look at the interesting Trojan found by Bleeping Computer. Our small investigation on its background and possible attribution has led us to the conclusion that this threat is in reality not new – probably it has been designed in 2012 for the purpose of corporate espionage operations. Yet it escaped from…

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Shakti Trojan: Document Thief

Recently, Bleeping Computer published a short article about an unrecognized Trojan that grabs documents from the attacked computer and uploads them into a malicious server. Looking at the characteristics of the tool, we suspect that it has been prepared for the purpose of corporate espionage. So far, no AV has given any meaningful identification to this malware—it is detected under generic names. Since not much is known about its internals, we decided to take a closer look.

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