Instagram story spam claims free Apple Watch

We take a look at Instagram story spam leading to a “free Apple Watch” giveaway on a recently compromised celebrity account.

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The Roblox Robux generator is too good to be true

We take a look at a website claiming to offer free Roblox currency. Does it work? Spoiler: nope. But it really tries hard to be convincing.

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Steam spammers have a night at the movies

We take a look at a spammer pushing what are claimed to be free movies on Steam’s videogame artwork section. Spoiler: they’re not movies, and you may want to get a refund for those tickets.

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Free console games on Instagram? Not exactly…

Take a look at some fake “free game” sites found on Instagram. Anyone with children in their family who can’t get enough of freebies online may want to gently steer them away from the below. Everyone from PS4 to Nintendo gamers are potential targets.

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Our Pokemon Go blogpost becomes scammer bait

Our Pokemon Go blogpost warning users about online scams became a Pokemon-style lure – for comment section drive-by scammers.

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Avoid: “I just hacked my friend’s account” Twitter spam

We explain why you shouldn’t bother with sites which claim to let you hack social media accounts…

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Nice Instagram, Shame about the Code Generator

We take a look at a code generator site promoted by a rather nice looking Instagram page…

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