Christmas tech scams roundup

What’s under the Christmas tree? It’s worse than lumps of coal, it’s a not very festive assortment of tricks and scams designed to give you a festive season hangover.

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A conversation with America Geeks

We first published on tech scammers America Geeks back in 2015 and again in 2016. This time, they opened a help ticket with us, requesting we take down our blog post—which warranted a phone call. Read on to learn how our conversation with America Geeks went.

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Tech support scammers GeeksHelp caught again, two years later

Almost two years after exposing a group of tech support scammers, we stumbled upon them again, this time under the moniker GeeksHelp.

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Report: Cybercrime climate shifts dramatically in first quarter

The first quarter of 2017 brought with it some significant changes to the threat landscape and we aren’t talking about heavy ransomware distribution either. Threats which were previously believed to be serious contenders this year have nearly vanished entirely, while new threats and infection techniques have forced the security community to reconsider collection and analysis efforts.

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A closer look at a tech support screen locker

As a demonstration of how Tech Support Scammers operate and try to lure victims into calling their number, we show you some snippets of the code, explaining what they’re up to.

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