Tech support scammers and their banking woes

We all know about tech support scams by this point. Unfortunately for the scammers, banks know this as well, making it quite difficult at times to maintain an account to store the criminal’s ill-gotten gains. So how does the enterprising criminal cash out with your money? Let’s take a look.

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Advanis tech support screenlocker

We briefly show you the workings of a tech support scammers lockscreen and introduce you to the person behind the scenes.

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A week in security (Jan 01 – Jan 07)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 1st of January to the 7th. This week, we touched on the Sundown exploit kit with a surprising payload and a fake technical support page that wreaked havoc on Mac systems.

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Tech support scam page triggers denial-of-service attack on Macs

Tech support scammers are up to dirty tricks again, trying to cause your computer to freeze by simply visiting a webpage.

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A week in security (Dec 11 – Dec 17)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 11th of December to the 17th. This week, we talked about ransomware, screen lockers, Goldeneye–not the James Bond movie–and Malwarebytes’ 2017 predictions.

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