Explained: Bayesian spam filtering

Bayesian spam filtering is based on Bayes rule, a statistical theorem that gives you the probability of an event. In Bayesian filtering it is used to give you the probability that a certain email is spam. The name Named after the statistician Rev. Thomas Bayes who provided an equation that basically allows new information to…

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Explained: Environmental variables

This post is intended to make readers aware of the existence and use of environmental variables. A windows feature that is often only known to programmers and other advanced users.

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Hosts file hijacks

The hosts file is the internet variant of a personal phonebook. We discuss a few malware variants that replace or change that phonebook, so you end up calling the wrong sites. The ones they want you to call.

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Surfacing HTA infections

We show two examples of HTA induced infections we have seen recently. Nothing fancy, but feel free to consider it a general warning, that malware authors are expanding the number of file extensions they are using, to spread their payload.

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Intentional security holes

Sinkholes and watering holes are two words not automatically associated with computer security, yet they are in use to describe two tactics that are used in this field.

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