Intentional security holes

Sinkholes and watering holes are two words not automatically associated with computer security, yet they are in use to describe two tactics that are used in this field.

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Explained: typosquatting [updated]

Typosquatting is a term you may have seen when reading about internet scams. In essence it relies on users making typing errors (typos) when entering a site or domain name.

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How your business can avoid potentially unwanted programs

We’ve come up with a PUPs cheat sheet that businesses can use to train IT staff and users. A little PUPs awareness, if you will. Read on to learn more about how you get PUPs,

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BleepingComputer Defends Freedom of Speech

A software development company, Enigma Software Group, is suing Bleeping Computer because of a negative review posted on the site about their product.

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Scheduled Tasks

Since the introduction of Task Scheduler 2.0, the Scheduled Tasks use xml files and the .job extension. What hasn’t changed, is the extensive use of Tasks by Adware and other Potentially Unwanted Programs.

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