A week in security (September 10 – 16)

A roundup of the security news from September 10–16, including omnichannel fraud, ways to get back at scammers, the security of 2FA, and partnerstrokas.

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A week in security (Mar 6th – Mar 12th)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 6th to the 12th of March. This week, we look back at ransomware, exploit kits, and Mac security myths.

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Growing Onions, TOR Usage Rising in Turkey.

Usage of TOR to circumvent state sponsored censorship is undergoing an explosive growth spurt in Turkey.

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Android Botnets Hop on the TOR Train

Cyber criminals can infiltrate your mobile devices with the just discovered first “TOR Trojan for Android”.

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Feds arrest mastermind behind ‘Silk Road’ online criminal marketplace

U.S. Federal authorities arrested Ross William Ulbricht–the alleged leader behind the Silk Road criminal marketplace–in San Francisco yesterday.

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‘SBC’ botnet to blame for Tor traffic surge?

Tor traffic has doubled in the month of August. Is a botnet to blame?

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Firefox Zero-Day Used to Reveal Identities: Does The End Justify The Means?

An Exploit for Mozilla’s Firefox version 17 is making headlines, not simply because it is a zero-day but mainly because it appears to be part of a U.S. government program to uncover the identity of people using the Tor Browser to view child pornography.

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Anonymizing Traffic for your Host System

Security Level: Light Purpose: To hide who you are while performing research through your browser. Benefits: Hide your IP Easy to set up Can be run off of a USB stick Drawbacks: Drive-by attacks can still lead to the infection of your host system. Can only hide traffic going out of HTTP port(s). Not meant…

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