A week in security (February 25 – March 3)

A roundup of the past week’s news, including mobile threats, viral scares, PDF tracking, and more.

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What does ‘consent to tracking’ really mean?

Do you know what companies can do after you click “ok” and consent to tracking? When you check that box, are you sure you know which data can be tracked and where? We look at social media platforms and explain their user agreements and data tracking habits.

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IoT domestic abuse: What can we do to stop it?

A disturbing new use of technology against loved ones has come to light: Internet of Things (IoT) domestic abuse cases are being reported, and security experts are wondering how best to tackle this new problem. What is it? And more importantly, what can we do to fight it?

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Exploring the virtual worlds of advergaming

With a spot of tracking-related controversy ruffling feathers in gaming circles, now is a good time to become familiar with some of the advertising methods used for, and in, video games. Ladies and gents, welcome to advergaming.

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Ghostery: A Tool that Stops Trackers

Ghostery is available on their website for many browsers and operating systems. In this article, we took a closer look at this extension for Chrome.

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Do Not Track: An Interactive Documentary Series

Do Not Track is a series of interactive documentaries on the inner working of adverts, tracking and disclosure. Take part and find out what “they” know about you.

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