Good at Games? Steam Scammers Suggest You Join a League

Scammers use the ESEA League to get unknowing Steam users to download and install a Trojan onto their systems.

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Infected HTML Files Bundled in Android Apps

File infectors can be very destructive to a victims PC, typically they search the file system for certain file types to infect. We’re starting to see them now in the Google Play Store.

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Trojan SMS Found on Google Play

A SMS Trojan app claiming to be a download for wallpapers, videos, and music is live in the Google Play store.

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‘Dyre’ malware goes after Salesforce users

The threat known as Dyre was originally spotted by security firm CSIS and by PhishMe which also had uncovered the new malware earlier in June.

Back then, the threat was aimed at banks and other financial institutions, something very reminiscent of other banking Trojans such as Zeus and its variants.

But researchers discovered that the malware is now capable of capturing login credentials from Salesforce users by redirecting them through a phishing website.

Dyre will initially infect users through some form of social-engineering, typically with an email that contains a malicious attachment. Once on the system, the malware can act as a man-in-the-middle and intercept every single keystroke. To be clear, this is not a vulnerability with Salesforce or its website, but rather a type of malware that leverages compromised end-point machines.

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Android Features Used Maliciously

The majority of Android malware doesn’t need any special ‘magic’ to behave maliciously, they use existing functionality to attack users, functionality available to all developers.

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