Where did the tech support scam blacklist go?

We’ve removed our blacklist of recognized tech support scammers from our tech scam support page. Here’s what we’re doing instead.

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Tech support scam uses fake Shoppers Stop site to lure thousands

The same group behind the Shoppers Stop tech scam campaign is at it again, injecting malicious ad code into thousands of sites and redirecting to a templated warning page.

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Boomerang spam bombs Malwarebytes forum—not a smart move

Boomerang Tech solutions had trouble configuring their spambots, thus dropping a few spam bombs on Malwarebytes forums. Watch us catch them red-handed in a scammer call.

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Tech support scammers make browser lockers more resilient

Closing tech support scam pop-ups is becoming more challenging as crooks come up with more tricks for browser lockers.

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Tech support scammer tries to sell free software

Watch as a Malwarebytes researcher catches a rather rude tech support scammer from AmericaGeeks in the act.

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