Hidden Bee: Let’s go down the rabbit hole

The complex and sophisticated custom malware, Hidden Bee, is a Chinese cryptominer that recently released an updated sample. We unpack the sample to look at the functionality of its loader and compare it against earlier versions.

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Exploit kits: spring 2019 review

In this edition, we review active and unique exploit kits hitting consumers and businesses over the spring season.

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Exploit kits: winter 2019 review

We review the top exploit kits in this winter 2019 snapshot.

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A week in security (December 17 – 23)

A roundup of last week’s security news from December 17–23, including Christmas scams, phishing quizzes, Underminer, smart speakers, flawed Twitter form, Chromebook malware, and Fuchsia.

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Underminer exploit kit improves in its latest iteration

We take a look at some recent changes with the elusive Underminer exploit kit.

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Exploit kits: fall 2018 review

With a fresh exploit kit in town, the drive-by download landscape shows new signs of life in fall 2018.

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Exploit kits: summer 2018 review

Just like the beach, the EK landscape got a little crowded this summer. Find out what we discovered in our exploit kits summer review.

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