The lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity: minimum effort for maximum protection

How can we help our less tech-savvy friends stay more secure online? By giving them a lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity, we can offer maximum protection for minimal effort.

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Collection 1 data breach: what you need to know

In what’s being dubbed one of the largest data dumps in history, Collection 1 contains the data of over 770 million people. But is it really as bad as it sounds? We take a closer look and let users know what to do if their info is caught up in the mix.

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Malwarebytes is a champion of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As we bid hello to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we at Malwarebytes not only pledge to provide the best protection for our customers. We also re-commit ourselves to fostering cybersecurity education and awareness for all.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, observed every October, was created to ensure that every American has the resources they need to stay safe online.

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How to create a successful cybersecurity policy

Along the edge of subway tracks in the UK is a sign that says, “Mind the gap,” warning passengers to watch out for the space between the station platform and the train. Business owners might consider these words as well when they think about the gaps in their own security. When a plan for protecting…

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Why layered security is important

As a business owner or IT administrator, protecting your data is a top priority—and for good reason. Corrupted or lost files resulting from malware infection can cost your company millions in time, resources, and cold, hard cash. Increases in the severity of malware attacks, vulnerabilities in networks and software applications, and uninformed users raise the…

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10 ways to protect against hackers

What can you do to protect your home computer against hackers? Instead of sitting back and waiting to get infected, why not arm yourself and fight back? We’ve got 10 ways to beat the bad guys.

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